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Radom longwave transmitter is a facility for commercial longwave transmission ( not broadcasting) west of Radom in Poland. Radom longwave transmitter, situated at 51°25'N and 21°07' E is the only transmission facility for frequencies under 100 kHz in Poland. It uses an antenna system carried by 1 150 metre and 3 100 metre tall guyed masts. Radom longwave transmitter worked ( and perhaps still works) on the following frequencies with the following callsigns:

  • 55.75 kHz, callsign: SOA60, 40 kW transmission power
  • 58.25 kHz, callsign: SOA70, 360 kW transmission power
  • 62.45 kHz, callsign: SOA80, 40 kW transmission power
  • 64.9 kHz, callsign: SOA90, 40 kW transmission power
  • 76.35 kHz, callsign: SNA20, 40 kW transmission power
  • 80.5 kHz, callsign: SNA30, 40 kW transmission power
  • 81.35 kHz, callsign: SNA40, 40 kW transmission power

Today's use[edit]

Today one of the masts is used for FM- and TV-broadcasting, under the name RON Radom.

DVB-TMPEG-4 Television
Multiplex Frequency Channel Transmission power
MUX 3 642 MHz 42 50 kW
Program Frequency Transmission power
Radio dla Ciebie, Polskie Radio - Regionalna Rozgłośnia w Warszawie "Radio dla Ciebie" S.A. 89.10 MHz 5 kW
Radio Maryja, Prowincja Warszawska Zgromadzenia O.O. Redemptorystów 94.20 MHz 0.50 kW
PR2, Polskie Radio S.A. 100.30 MHz 1 kW
Radio ESKA Radom, Radio Radom Sp. z o.o. 106.90 MHz 10 kW


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Coordinates: 51°24′30.97″N 21°7′6.51″E / 51.4086028°N 21.1184750°E / 51.4086028; 21.1184750