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Railway stations in Tajikistan include:

The railroad system totals only 480 kilometers of track, all of it broad gauge. The system connects the main urban centers of western Tajikistan with points in neighboring Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. In 2000 a new line connected the southern cities of Qurghonteppa and Kulob. Passenger transit through Tajikistan has been hindered by periodic failures of Tajik Railways to pay transit tariffs and by safety issues.




  • Proposed branch to Afghanistan.
  • Iran to build rail link to Tajikistan. [1][2][3][4]

Stations served[edit]

Eu 733 0-10-0 in a Park near the main railway station Dushanbe, Tajikistan

There is no direct connection between the northern and southern networks.[5]

North Network[edit]

South Network[edit]

Dushanbe - Iski-Guzar[edit]

Dushanbe - Denov[edit]

Dushanbe - Qurghonteppa - Kulob[edit]

Qurghonteppa - Termez[edit]

Qurghonteppa - Yovon[edit]


A railway link from Tajikistan through Afghanistan to Iran has been proposed,[6] and construction of part of the new connection is underway.[7]

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