Railway stations of Aberdeen

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Aberdeen railway station can refer to one of several railway stations in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. Aberdeen railway station is the only one currently open.

Those with Aberdeen in the station name[edit]

Railway stations around Aberdeen
Don Street(GNoSR)
Kittybrewster Junction
(DVL)Kittybrewster (new)
Kittybrewster (old)(GNoSR)
(DVL)Hutcheon Street
Victoria Basin: North(HTT)
Victoria Basin: South(HTT)
Deeside Goods(HTT)
Guild Street(AR)
(DVL)Aberdeen Joint
Deeside Goods Branch Junction
Goods Branch Junction
Aberdeen Ferryhill(DVL)
(DR)Holburn Street
Ferryhill Junction

Aberdeen Ferryhill railway station, original terminus of the Aberdeen Railway, opened on 1 April 1854 and closed on 2 August 1854.[1]

Those without Aberdeen in the station name[edit]


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