Raising Atlantis

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Raising Atlantis
Author Thomas Greanias
Country United States
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Pocket Star
Publication date
July 26, 2005
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 352
ISBN 0-7434-9191-2
OCLC 61161532
LC Class CPB Box no. 2354 vol. 12
Followed by The Atlantis Prophecy

Raising Atlantis (2005) is a novel by Thomas Greanias. It was the author's first attempt at a thriller, and his first novel. The story follows two characters, an archaeologist named Conrad Yeats (pronounced "Yates") and a linguist (and former nun) named Serena Serghetti, during their exploits to thwart terrorist organizations who wish to use knowledge from Atlantis to take over the world.


The story begins when an earthquake in Antarctica uncovers ancient man-made remains beneath the ice. The US military powers in the area ignore international law and take over without reporting the discovery to any other countries at work on the continent. The general in charge, Griffin Yeats, calls in his son Conrad and the only woman Conrad ever truly loved (yet could never be with), Australian linguist and ex-nun Serena Serghetti.

While each has their own reasons for being there, they both invite trouble when they discover that what they've uncovered at the bottom of the chasm is the top of a pyramid. When they find their way inside, they accidentally set off a trap meant to periodically destroy civilization in order to keep human beings in check and stop them from destroying themselves for good.

As they race across the newly-revealed Atlantis, trying to find a way to set things right, they end up in the middle of multiple government and terrorist bids to seize control of the site. Many secrets of the past of not just humanity, but of the main character, Conrad, are revealed.

The novel ends with Atlantis being once again lost beneath the ice, along with all of its information, technology, and proof of its existence. Conrad just barely survives the re-burial and wakes up being treated in the Australian-owned McMurdo Station with Serena nearby. Serena tries to convince him that nothing happened, while Conrad tries, unsuccessfully, to hit on her.

Serena goes back to the Vatican to report to the Pope and deliver her evidence of Atlantis, only to discover that Conrad had been toying with her. He had tricked a nurse into switching her thermos (in which she had concealed the information) with an empty one. Unfortunately for Conrad, the information is inconclusive and offers no real proof of what he found in Antarctica. The Pope then proceeds to beg her to return to the church, not just for religion's sake, but to use the information and connections within to save Conrad's life.

While the situation is, in the end, resolved, this story is a cliffhanger and leads into the next novel of the four, The Atlantis Prophecy.

The series[edit]

Thomas Greanias has published four novels between the years 2005 and 2010, all pertaining to the same series.