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Raja Rani
Raja Rani Vijay TV Serial.jpg
Cover Photo of Raja Rani
GenreSoap opera
Based onKe Apon Ke Por
Screenplay byMaruthu Shanker (Dialogue)
Directed byPraveen Bennet
Theme music composerIlayavan
Opening themeIlayavan
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of episodes582
Producer(s)Venkatesh Babu, Global Villagers
Production location(s)Tamil Nadu
  • D. Pream
  • P.A. Vinoth Kumar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 22–24 minutes per episode
Original networkVijay TV
Original release29 May 2017 (2017-05-29) –
13 July 2019 (2019-07-13)
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Raja Rani ( English: King and Queen) is an Indian-Tamil Language Romance soap opera that aired on Star Vijay. It stars Sanjeev and Alya Manasa in lead roles,[1][2], both of whom made their Tamil-language debuts in this series. It is a remake of the Bengali language television series Ke Apon Ke Por which aired on Star Jalsha. It ran from May 29, 2017 through July 13, 2019.[3][4] It replaced Deivam Thandha Veedu.


The plot focuses on the story of Sembaruthi , or Semba (Alya Manasa), a maid working for the Rajasekar family. Both Rajasekar (Auditor Sridhar) and his wife Lakshmi (Rajya Lakshmi) treat Semba as their own daughter, but their daughters-in-law Archana (Sridevi) and Vadivu (Shabnam) and Rajasekar's elder daughter (Nandhini Vinoth, played by Aishwarya Appaya) worry that Semba will inherit part of the family property, reducing their own shares. They mistreat Semba. Karthik (Sanjeev) is Rajasekar's younger son and returns to Chennai after a period spent working as a scientist in Singapore. Karthik takes a stand against the difficulties Semba faces.

Karthik's ex-girl friend Divya comes from Singapore to visit his family. Vadivu's brother Sanjay attempts to seduce Semba and is stopped by Karthik. Karthik has the idea that Semba should marry, and uploads Semba's profile to a marriage website. A groom comes to visit, but Sanjay intercepts him and tells him lies about Semba, so he leaves without meeting Semba. Archana brings in a groom who is a distant relative, and an alcoholic. This groom's family proposes marriage within two days, and Rajasekar's family accepts the proposal. Preparations for the wedding are in full swing when it is discovered that the groom is still married to his first wife, whom he abandoned.

Meanwhile, Karthik and Divya are planning to get engaged on Semba's wedding day. Divya goes to the airport to fetch her parents, who are arriving from Singapore. Semba's marriage is stopped and Rajasekar is blamed by everyone for Semba's pitiable position. Rajasekar, who is in a devastated state, persuades Karthik to marry Semba to mitigate the disaster of the failed wedding. Divya arrives at the last moment, just in time to see the wedding become official. Divya asks Karthik whether he married Semba only out of pity, but Karthik remains silent and she leaves, angrily.

After Divya leaves, Karthik allows himself to show his anger by throwing things. Karthik's mother realises for the first time that he has been sacrificed. She too becomes furious and turns against her husband, and eventually against Semba. Semba does not expect Karthik to treat her like a real wife, so she continues to work as a maid. One day Lakshmi's friend comes to meet Karthik's wife, not knowing the history, and she criticises the family for marrying a maid to their son. Humiliated, Lakshmi is persuaded by Archana and Vadivu to call Divya back. Meanwhile, Rajasekar plans to hold a reception for the newlyweds. No one supports his decision except his brother Chandrashekar, his youngest daughter Vinodhini, and her fiance Harish.

Divya comes to the reception for Karthik and Semba and makes a dramatic scene when Karthik accepts Semba as his wife. Then the couple prepares to spend their first night together. But Lakshmi suddenly begins to have chest pains. Karthik panics and stays with his mother. Since she is not allowed to see Lakshmi, Semba sleeps alone in the room she should have shared with Karthik. This event is a turning point, as Lakshmi and Karthik begin to appreciate Semba. Archana, Vadivu and Sanjay all try to undermine Semba and make her leave the house, but the result is that Karthik begins to fall in love with her.

A beauty competition leads Archana to make Semba work overtime giving her beauty treatments. Karthik becomes angry, and makes Semba participate in the competition, which she eventually wins.

Karthik entrusts Semba with documents relating to his secret work on topics to do with space and the military. Archana, Vadivu and Sanjay steal the documents and put the blame on Semba. Karthik is angry and says humiliating things to Semba. Semba finds the documents and reveals that Sanjay was the thief, but is so humiliated that she leaves the house. Karthik later finds her and brings her home.

Karthik and Semba's relationship becomes stronger, and Karthik proposes to Semba and she accepts. Meanwhile, Divya offers Karthik a job without revealing her identity. Karthik and Semba go to a party to celebrate Karthik's new job, and find Divya there. She was previously married to Vicky, a rich 65-year-old businessman, and is wealthy.

While Karthik is working at her company, she moves into Karthik's house as a guest and tries to get help from the family to separate Semba and Karthik. Archana, Vadivu and Sanjay agree to leave Karthik alone in the house, in return for Rs.50,00,000. Divya drugs Karthik; while he is unconscious, she tries to have sex with him. Semba uncovers Divya's plot.

Vinodhini, Karthik's youngest sister, is engaged to Rajasekar's friend's son Harish, but Vadivu's father Devraj wants his son Sanjay to marry Vinodhini instead, to gain control of Rajasekhar's family. When Harish's family asks about the dowry, Devraj increases the dowry to stop the marriage. Rajasekhar is not very well off at the moment, but decides to take his savings of Rs.80,00,000 from his bank. But his cheque bounces. The bank manager says that Rajashekar's elder son Amudhan has forged Rajashekar's signature and emptied his account. Devraj, knowing this, has set a trap by making Rajashekar's house security for a loan of Rs 50,00,000 Lakhs, carrying interest of 0.2% per week. At Harish and Vinodhini's marriage, the loan giver stops the proceedings by demanding his weekly interest, as Devraj planned. Finally, Rajashekar sells his house to cover the debt. Harish's family members were humiliated by this incident. Archana and Vadivu fight Harish's family and Harish's mother is injured. Kathiresan, Harish's father, then cancels the marriage. The marriage hall manager demands to be paid for the costs of the wedding, and all the family members except Archana and Vadivu give up their gold and jewels including Semba's mangala sutra necklace. The family is left almost destitute, and their family maid Shanthi finds them a modest house.

Crossover Episodes[edit]

Raja Rani had crossover episodes with Naam Iruvar Namaku Iruvar (episodes 335-339).

Karthik and Semba make a visit to Devi's house. Devi is Karthik's friend from college days. She was supposed to marry a doctor, Aravind, but Aravind is kidnapped and his twin brother, Mayan, pretends to be Aravind in order to marry her. Semba finds out Mayan's identity. Semba and Karthik show Devi that being a doctor is not important, the feelings of her heart are important. Karthik dresses up like Mayan and proposes to Semba again.


  • Auditor Sridhar as Rajasekhar (Karthik, Chandran, Amudhan, Vinodhini and Nandhini's Father)
  • Rajya Lakshmi as Lakshmi Rajasekhar (Karthik, Chandran, Amudhan, Vinodhini and Nandhini's Mother)
  • M. J. Shriram as Chandrashekar (Rajasekhar's Brother)
  • Kovai Babu as Amudhan (Karthik's 1st elder Brother)
  • Sridevi as Archana Amudhan[8] (Amudhan's Wife)
  • Kuroshi as Chandhran (Karthik's 2nd elder Brother)
  • Shabnam as Vadivambal Chandhran (Vadivu, Chandran's Wife) [9]
  • Aishwarya Appaya as Nandhini Vinoth (Karthik's elder Sister)
  • Pradeep Raj as Dr. Vinoth (Nandhini's Husband)
  • Rithika as Vinodhini Harish (Karthik’s younger sister)
  • Akshay Kamal as Harish (Vinodhini's lover and husband)
  • Karate Venkatesan as Thangamuthu
  • Eshwar as Kalakka Povathu Yaaru
  • Vaishali Taniga as Geethanjali[10]
  • Pavithra[11]
  • Anshu Reddy as Divya (Karthik's ex-girlfriend)
  • Karthik Sasidharan as Sanjay (Vadivu's Brother)
  • Chandhini Prakash as Swarna
  • Padmapriya Shrimali as Veni the taxi owner
  • Yogesh as Vikram
  • B. Jayalakshmi as Kaushalya (Kaushi) (Amudhan's Second Wife)
  • Andrew Jesudoss as Devaraj (Vadivu and Sanjay's Father)
Guest Appearances
  • Ma Ka Pa Anand (episode 375)
  • Rio Raj (episode 376)
  • TSK - Kabaddi narrated (episodes 397 to 400)
  • Raksha Holla as Devi Mayan (episodes 429 to 430)
  • Shivani Narayanan as Sneha (episodes 429 to 430)
  • V. J. Chitra as Mullai (episodes 429 to 430)
  • Hema Rajkumar as Meenatchi (Meena) ( (episodes 429 to 430)
  • Anuradha Krishnamurthy as Lakshmi' s sister (episodes 490 to 495)
  • Madurai Mohan as Ramasamy (Semba's father, died during the series)


On 15 May 2017, the first promo of the show, Lunch Time, was released by Vijay TV on YouTube.[12] The second promo was released on 21 May 2017, and the third and fourth were released on 29 May 2017.


  • Sanjeev and Alya Manasa both made their debut in Tamil Television in this series.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Role Result
2018 Galatta Nakshathra Awards Best Actor Sanjeev Karthik Nominated
Best Actress Alya Manasa Sembaruthi Nominated
Best Pair Sanjeev & Alya Manasa Karthik & Sembaruthi Won
Best Serial Raja Rani Nominated
2018 4th Vijay Television Awards Favourite Actor Male Sanjeev Karthik Won
Favourite Actor Female Alya Manasa Sembaruthi Won
Favourite Supporting Actor Female Shabnam Vadivu Chandhran Nominated
Favourite Supporting Actor Male Shriram Chandrashekar Nominated
Best Dop Saravanan Won
Favourite Fiction Series Raja Rani Won
Best Crew Fiction Raja Rani Nominated
Best Father Sridhar Rajasekhar Nominated
Favourite Mother Rajya Lakshmi Lakshmi Nominated
Favourite Find Sanjeev Karthik Nominated
Alya Manasa Sembaruthi Nominated
Favourite Mamiyar Rajya Lakshmi Lakshmi Nominated
Favourite Screen Pair Sanjeev & Alya Manasa Karthik & Sembaruthi Nominated
Favourite Negative Role Sridevi Archana Nominated
Favourite Family Raja Rani Nominated
Best Director Praveen Bennet Nominated


Sl.no Language Title Original release Network(s) Episodes (01 May)
1 Telugu Kathalo Rajakumari
కథలో రాజకుమారీ
29 Jan 2018 - present Star Maa 347
2 Kannada Puttamalli
11 Dec 2017 - 22 Jun 2018 Star Suvarna 155 (3 seasons)

International broadcast[edit]

The series was released on 29 May 2017 on Vijay TV and Vijay TV HD. The show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.


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