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Raki may refer to:


  • Raki (with a dotted "i"), another name for tsikoudia, a grape-based pomace brandy of Cretan origin, similar to grappa
  • Rakı (with a dotless "ı"), an anise-flavored spirit popular in Turkey, similar to ouzo



  • The Raki, as described by Letitia Elizabeth Landon in The Zenana:
    • The gift of a bracelet, whose acceptance was expressed by the return of a vest. It is a Rajpoot custom. Where there is both valour and beauty, it were hard not to find something of chivalric observance; and the one alluded to excels in devotion any record of the old romances, however their heroes might be voués aux dames. The chieftain to whom the Raki (anglicé , bracelet) was sent, became bound to the service of some unknown dame, whose bright eyes could dispense no reward, inasmuch as he was never to see them, the "bracelet-bound brother," and his adopted sister, never holding any intercourse. See Raksha Bandhan

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