Rakkaus tulessa

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Rakkaus tulessa
Studio album by Circle
Released 2011
Recorded 1972/1999
Label Full Contact Records
Circle chronology
Rakkaus tulessa

Rakkaus tulessa is the thirty-eighth album by Finnish experimental rock band Circle, a collaboration with Finnish electronic music pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi. The album was released in July 2011 to coincide with Kurenniemi's seventieth birthday. The vinyl-only album marries together two recordings - vocals by Kurenniemi recorded in 1972, and Krautrock-style music by Circle from 1999. The two elements were subsequently "mashed-up" (as the sleevenotes describe it) by Circle bassist and bandleader Jussi Lehtisalo and longtime Circle sound engineer Tuomas Laurila. The album was co-produced by filmmaker Mika Taanila who in 2002 made a documentary film on Kurenniemi, called The Future Is Not What It Used To Be.

Track listing[edit]

  • A1 Kello 12:15 (9:44)
  • A2 Latentti liike-energia (13:50)
  • B1 Me-me-me-me (0:46)
  • B2 Tuulispää (3:22)
  • B3 Valheiden läpi (5:10)
  • B4 Kaksi kiveä (13:31)