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Ralph Dumain is an American archivist, librarian and independent researcher.

In 1991 Dumain became archivist/librarian of the C.L.R. James Institute in New York City, founded by Jim Murray (1949–2003) in 1983 to document James's life and work.[1] The Institute is affiliated to the Centre of African Studies at the University of Cambridge, but has tried to make James's work available to a wider public by remaining "outside and independent of academia" and other "traditional institutional forms (including leftist political parties)".[2] This ideal is also reflected in Dumain's unusual website, The Autodidact Project, which reprints bibliographies, research guides and articles by radical thinkers, as well as a wide range of reviews and other writings by Dumain himself.[3]

Dumain has also served as president of the World Atheist Esperanto Organisation (Ateista Tutmonda Esperanto-Organizo, ATEO).[4]


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