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Monumental brass in Ulcombe Church, Kent, to Ralph St Leger (died 1470) and his wife "Anne"
Arms of St Leger: Azure fretty argent, a chief or [1]
Crest atop helm of Ralph St Leger, showing a griffin passant. Detail from his monumental brass, Ulcombe Church

Ralph St Leger (died 1470) (alias Randolf, etc.) of Ulcombe in Kent was Sheriff of Kent in 1467/8[2] and was constable of Leeds Castle[3] in Kent. He was a member of the St Leger family.


He was the eldest son and heir of Sir John St Leger (c. 1404 – 1441) of Ulcombe, Sheriff of Kent in 1430[4] by his wife Margery Donet, daughter and heiress of James Donet (died 1409) of Silham in the parish of Rainham, Kent. Two of Ralph's younger brothers married prominent wives: Sir Thomas St Leger (c. 1440 – 1483) married Anne of York (1439–1476), elder sister of Kings Edward IV and Richard III, and Sir James St Leger (c.1441 – post 1509), who married Anne Butler, a daughter of Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormond, great-aunt of Queen Anne Boleyn.

Marriage and children[edit]

Ralph married Anne Prophett, daughter of John Prophett.[5] By his wife Ralph had children including:

Death and burial[edit]

He died in 1470 and was buried in Ulcombe Church, where his monumental brass survives showing figures of himself and his wife. It is now affixed to a wall within the St Leger Chapel in the north aisle, but was originally affixed to his ledger stone, now lost. It depicts Ralph prone with hands together in prayer and dressed in full armour, his bare head resting on his helm atop which is the crest of St Leger, a griffin passant. His wife Anne lies to his left, and wears an elaborate head-dress. Both persons feet rest on dogs. The Latin inscription beneath is as follows (expanded from abbreviated text):

Orate pro animabus Radulphi Sentleger Armigeri et Anne uxoris suae qui quidam Radulphus obiit undecimo die Novembriis anno domini millencimo CCCCLXX. Quorum animabus propicietur Deus Amen ("Pray ye for the souls of Ralph Saint Leger, Esquire, and Anne his wife, the which Ralph died on the eleventh day of the month of November in the year of our Lord one thousand four hundred and seventieth. On the souls of whom may God look with favour. Amen")


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