Ramcke Parachute Brigade

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  • Fallschirmjäger-Brigade Afrika
  • Fallschirmjäger-Brigade Ramcke
  • Luftwaffen-Jäger-Brigade 1
Active 1942–1943
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Luftwaffe
Type Airborne forces
Size brigade
Engagements Western Desert Campaign
Tunisia Campaign
Commander Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke

The Ramcke Parachute Brigade was a Luftwaffe paratroop (Fallschirmjäger) brigade which saw action in the Mediterranean Theatre during World War II.

Operational history[edit]

The brigade was formed in 1942 and sent to join the Afrika Korps in North Africa. Ramcke's unit fought during the Afrika Korps's assault towards the Suez Canal, fighting alongside the Italian 25 Infantry Division Bologna before British opposition solidified near the town of El Alamein. The British action resulted in the separation of the Brigade from German forces, and, lacking motorized transport, unable to move as fast as the lines. Taking heavy losses (about 450) fighting surrounded on all sides, they captured a British supply convoy carrying food and fuel, about which Ramcke later remarked the most welcome surprise was the tobacco and luxury goods.[1] Using those trucks, about 600 survivors returned to German lines.

The brigade was then engaged in the Second Battle of El Alamein, later retreating into Tunisia. Ramcke was transferred back to Gremany where he was awarded the Oak Leaves to the Knight's Cross,[2] and command passed to Major Hans Kroh. The remaining brigade was part of the capitulation of German Panzer Army Afrika in May 1943.


  • Generalleutnant (later General der Fallschirmtruppen) Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke (1 April 1942 - 18 November 1942)
  • Oberstleutnant Hans Kroh (18 November 1942 - 18 February 1943)


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