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Rami or Ramy can refer to:

  • A given name popular in the Levant.
  • The plural of ramus, literally a branch, as of a plant, nerve, or blood vessel (arterial, venous or lymphatic)
  • Specifically, rami are upward portions on both sides of the mandible. See ramus mandibulae
  • Ramie, flowering plant, generally used in textiles, sometimes spelled without the trailing "e"
  • RAMI, the Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, the former name of the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • RAMI by J.M.K. was a diecast model company making cars in 1:43 scale in Lure, France.

As a given name[edit]

Rami or Ramy is a given name, which is popular among Arabs in the Levant. In Arabic, Rami (رامي) is derived from the verb "to throw" and means archer or good marksman; literally, "the one who throws the arrow, or it's derived from the Arabic verb " Ram" "رام" which means "to wish, to aim at, to dream, to be ambitious". The Hebrew version of the name (Hebrew: רמי‎‎), however, is derived from the Hebrew word רָם Ram, meaning high, tall, or exalted, though it can also be short form for Rahamim or Yermiyahu (Jeremiah). Rami is also a Finnish given name, abbreviated from Abraham.

Persons with the given name Rami or Ramy:


  • Rami Mehmed Pasha (1645–1706), Ottoman statesman and poet, using the nom de plume Rami
  • Rami Yacoub, Swedish music producer and songwriter known professionally as Rami

As a surname[edit]

Rami is occasionally used as a surname in the Arab world. Moreover, it is also sometimes used as a surname among Indians, especially Gujarati. The Indian version of the surname is used by the Gujarati florist community and is derived from 'Rama', the legendary king of Ayodhya in ancient India or God Rama derived from ancient Hindu literatures.

Persons with the surname Rami: