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The Ramses Exchange is a telecoms building in central Cairo that is a focal point of the Internet in Egypt. It is situated at 26 Ramses Street.[1]

Reports related to the 2011 Internet shutdown in Egypt refer to the Ramses Exchange as the location where the shut down was effected by powering down parts of the exchange.[2] The Ramses Exchange, located on Ramses Street near the center of Cairo [3] is the main "wire center" for Telecom Egypt, carrying not only municipal telecommunications traffic, but also serving as the main point of entry for international submarine fiber-optic circuits, back-hauled from landing stations near Alexandria.

The Ramses Exchange is also the location of the Cairo Internet Exchange (CAIX).[4] This IX is provides connections between all the major in-country operators in Egypt[5] Additionally; it once housed the Cairo Regional Internet Exchange (CRIX),[6] which once claimed it was the largest Internet exchange in North Africa or the Middle East.[7]


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