Ramy Ayach

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Ramy Ayach
Birth name Ramy Abu Ayach
Born (1980-08-18) August 18, 1980 (age 36)
Baakleen, Lebanon
Genres Pop folk
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, composer, instrumentalist
Instruments String instruments (oud), Piano, percussion
Years active 1997–present
Labels ayach management
Website http://www.ramyayach.com/

Ramy Ayach (Arabic: رامي عياش) (born Ramy Abu Ayach, رامي ابوعياش, on August 18, 1980 in Baakleen, Lebanon), is a, singer, songwriter, composer, and instrumentalist.

Early life[edit]

Ramy Ayach is the youngest of two brothers brought up in the mountains of Lebanon to a Druze family in a town called, Baakleen. His original family name is "Abu Ayach", and then he chose to keep the new one as it is easier to memorize by his fans. Soon after realizing his natural talent for singing and music, Ramy went on to become one of the leading Pop Stars from the Middle East.[1] He's married to Dalida Said Ayach(Lebanese designer) or the Barbie AYACH.

Musical career[edit]

Ayach released his first album in 1997, Ra'eh, with the single Bghanneela Webde'ellah, which led to his first international tour, playing over 50 concerts in Lebanon, Australia, UK, Italy, France, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, and Syria. Ra'eh rose to the top of Lebanese charts, which increased his fanbase and led to televised performances.

In 1999, Ayach signed with Rotana and released his third album, Wel'ah, with the single Shta'tilak, written and composed by himself, arranged by Ehsan El Monzir, which occupied the top position on Billboard's National Sales in the National Airplay and International Arabic Airplay category. Two other songs were also released as singles, Sawad Elninny and Wel'ah. Ayach also filmed the music video for Shta'tilak in Turkey with the Lebanese-German director Said El Marouk.

Ayach released the album Diwan Al Hobb in 2000, which contained the singles Arfeeno, Khad Hareer and Allah Aleak. The video for Khad Hareer was filmed in Germany exclusively for the German television network Deutsche Welle.

Ayach completed the album Albi Mal in 2002, which contained eight tracks comprising one continuous song, Albi Mal, written by Nabil Abu Abdo, composed and arranged by Jean-Marie Riachi, and the singles Alla Ykoun Ma'ak, Behwak, composed by Ramy Ayach and a cover of Allaylo Ya Layla, originally recorded by the Lebanese musician Wadih El Safi.

In 2004, Ayach released Ya msahar eyni, produced by Jean-Marie Riachi, which was their second collaboration and become his most successful album, topping music and video charts for months with the singles Ya msahar eyni and Khallini Maak.

Habbaytak ana, Ayach's eighth album, was released in December 2006. It was produced again by Jean Marie Riachi. The title track was released as single.

He joined Jean-Marie Riachi for the album Belaaks in 2009. The song Belaaks (On the Contrary) is a duetto with Abeer Nehme and is an oriental jazz arrangement of the famous song Quizás, quizás, quizás in Lebanese dialect.

Recent News[edit]

The pop star Ramy Ayach finished lately[when?] recording a duet with the Egyptian singer Ahmad Adawia entitled "Annas Al Rayaa". Ramy said that the idea was a coincidence, since he was meeting the song's composer to discuss his new album's songs and he found the song's incomplete version which he liked a lot. When he listened to it later in its full version, he felt that it would be very suitable for him to sing it with Adawia. So they called him and he was very excited for the duet the moment he listened to it. Ramy added that he is a big fan of Adawia, who is considered one of the most important singers in Egypt.[1]

Pop star Ramy Ayach ended recently his contract with Rotana company to join Melody. He had met with the company's CEO Jamal Marwan and he was satisfied with the package he offered to him.[1]

Ramy Ayash got married to Dalida Saeed on 24 August 2013[2] in a lavish wedding at the Royal Pavilion of BIEL (Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center) in Beirut, Lebanon.[3]


  • 2006: Habbaytak Ana

Track listing

  1. Habbaytak Ana
  2. Khallik
  3. Ya Bint El-Jirani
  4. Aayni Aal Gharam
  5. W Min El-Chebbak
  6. Doummini
  7. Dana W Ana
  8. Khalli Indak Damm
  • 2004: Ya Msahar Einy
  1. Ya Msahar Einy
  2. El-Hanan W El-Hob
  3. Hobak Mehayarni
  4. Khaleni Maak
  5. Mabrouk
  6. Ya Omry La
  7. Habeeb El-Alb
  8. Leeh
  • 2002: Albi Mal
  1. Albi Mal
  2. Al Laylo ya Layla
  3. Behwak
  4. Heyya Heyya
  5. Allah Yekon Maak
  6. Hababteni feek
  7. Keef Tarikne
  • 2001: Dewan El Hob
  1. Aarfeno
  2. Allah Aalaik
  3. Bakrahak
  4. Khad Harer
  5. Hatha Lotf Mennek
  6. Men Awal Nathrah
  • 2002: Wel'ah
  1. Wel'ah
  2. Ahl Lhawa
  3. Ahlamak
  4. Alby Elyk
  5. Shtaktilak
  6. Sawad El Ninny
  • 1999: Mou'jiza
  1. Mou'jiza
  2. Elli Shobbaik W'lobbaik
  3. Al-Soura
  4. Beechak Mn Ben El Aynayn
  5. Albi W'albik
  6. Zghayar Oumry
  • 1998: Rae'h
  1. Rae'h
  2. Laayounik
  3. Khidni
  4. Ghanni Ya Bolbol
  5. Torkos A' la Daffi
  6. Bghanilha


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