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Flesland in March 2013

Randi Runa Svenkerud Flesland (born 17 November 1955 in Oslo) is a Norwegian civil servant.

Flesland was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, with education in business administration, psychology and pedagogy. She had several leading positions in Norges Statsbaner,[1] until 2000, when she became acting president. This was against her will, as she originally resigned in protest due to her support of the fired president Osmund Ueland.[2] Arne Wam took over some days later.[3]

Later in 2000 she became director of the Norwegian National Airport Administration; later the agency became Avinor. She was fired in December 2005 after a long conflict with the trade unions.[1] She was instead hired in IBM. In 2008 she became the new director of the Norwegian Consumer Council.[4]

She shares the name Flesland with Norway's second largest airport.


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Preceded by
Osmund Ueland
President of Norges Statsbaner (acting)
Succeeded by
Arne Wam (acting)
Preceded by
Ove Liavaag
President of Avinor
Succeeded by
Nic. Nilsen (acting)
Preceded by
Erik Lund-Isaksen
Director of the Norwegian Consumer Council