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Randi Hansen (born 24 November 1958, in Tromsø) is a Norwegian pop singer who formerly lived in Harstad, where she had a background as a music teacher at Heggen videregående skole. She was most active in the 1980s, and is best known for the song "Hvis æ fikk være sola di", which is on her debut album, Ho Randi. This sold 80,000 copies.

She released six solo albums before she took a pause in her career and raised a family,[1] and has worked on twelve other albums. However, in 2008, she came back with a new album: Tid som går.


  • 1979 – Ho Randi
  • 1980 – Hjerterdame
  • 1981 – Æ undres
  • 1982 – Hjæmlandet
  • 1983 – Stille natt, Christmas record with Olav Stedje
  • 1985 – Ansiktet i speilet
  • 2008 – Tid som går


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