Randy Vancourt

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Randy Vancourt
Born Canada
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Writer
Known for Writer-performer, Chutzpah a go-go
Composer, The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon

Randy Vancourt is a Canadian composer and entertainer. A Juno Award nominated composer, he has written music for television series such as Man Alive, Carmen SanDiego and Dudley the Dragon.

He is also a writer of stage musicals including Chutzpah a Go-Go,[1] Born Lucky,[2] Boardwalk! [3] and The Rocky Road To Dublin.[4]

His recordings have received international airplay, with his Radio Freaks [5] songs appearing on the syndicated Dr. Demento radio show.[6][citation needed]

He is a founding member of the comedy troupe Radio Freaks[7] who appeared for three years on CIUT Radio.

Randy is the son of author A. Lawrence Vaincourt,[8][9] famous for his popular poem Just A Common Soldier.


  • Forever For Now (1992)
  • Chutzpah a Go-Go (1993)
  • Boardwalk! (2007)
  • Smashed (2008)
  • Born Lucky (2008)
  • The Rocky Road To Dublin (2010)
  • The Bonnie Banks (2012)


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