Rangannana Kanasina Dinagalu

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Rangannana Kanasina Dinagalu
AuthorM. R. Srinivasamurthy
SubjectEducation, Society
Published2001 Ankita Pustaka, Bengaluru
Media typePrint (Hardcover)

Rangannana Kanasina Dinagalu is a book written by M. R. Srinivasamurthy. The title means "The dreamy days of Ranganna". The books is about an idealistic village school inspector. The novel is light and humorous, exploring the educational system of rural India and social interactions of the local leaders.[1][2]

The story revolves around Ranganna, a school-teacher promoted to become an inspector of education system. After visiting a number of schools in the interior parts of his area of appointment, Ranganna realizes that the inspector's job is not as easy as his friend had led him to believe. His measures to educate the teachers and improve the working of schools earn him the love and respect of teachers and the wrath of local political leaders.[3]

The play "Sahebara Sarkeetu..." is based on the book.[4]