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Rangzen Shonu (Tibetan: རང་བཙན་གཞོན་ནུ་Wylie: rang btsan gzhon nu: "Freedom Youth") was a rock and roll band formed by Tibetans in India. Dadon reportedly integrated some of Rangzen Shonu's signature style after hearing a cassette smuggled in Tibet in 1988.[1][2] Rangzen Shonu is best known for the unique sound of Tibetan lyrics accompanied by acoustic guitars rather than traditional Tibetan instruments.


  • Modern Tibetan Folk-songs (1998)



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  2. ^ (English) Tibet Information Network, Unity and discord: music and politics in contemporary Tibet, 2004, p. 83- 84 Dadon is Tibet's first pop star, and remains one of the most successful to this day. [...] She was inspired by the Taiwanese singer Deng Lijun, known as Teresa Teng, and emulated her singing style. However, as Henrion-Dourcy reports, another point of inspiration was Modern Tibetan songs, the 1995 cassette of the Dharamsala-based band Rangzen Shonu, 'Freedom Youth', which was smuggled into Lhasa in 1988.