Ranquil massacre

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Ranquil massacre
Location Alto Bío Bío, Chile
Date June–July 1934
Deaths 477 workers and Mapuches; 6 soldiers[citation needed]
Victims Chilean forestry workers and peasants; Mapuche
Perpetrators Chilean Army and Carabineros, commanded by Arturo Alessandri
Óscar Novoa
Humberto Arriagada Valdivieso[citation needed]
Motive repressing peasant land seizures

The Ranquil massacre (Spanish: matanza de Ránquil) was a massacre of forestry workers by the Chilean Army in the upper Bio-Bio River in 1934. The upper Bio-Bio region had recently been opened for Chilean and foreign settlers due to the occupation of the Araucania, and huge extensions of former Mapuche land were available. The workers rebelled against the lumber mill administrators, later the Chilean Army was called to restore order. 477 workers and Mapuches were killed as result. Around 500 prisoners were taken.

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