Raorchestes griet

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Raorchestes griet
Raorchestes griet.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Rhacophoridae
Genus: Raorchestes
R. griet
Binomial name
Raorchestes griet
Bossuyt [fr], 2002
Raorchestes griet map-fr.svg
Distribution of Raorchestes griet

Philautus griet Bossuyt, 2002[2]
Pseudophilautus griet

Raorchestes griet is a species of frog in the family Rhacophoridae. It is endemic to the Western Ghats south of the Palghat Gap in Kerala and Tamil Nadu states, India. The specific name griet honours Griet Decock, spouse of Franky Bossuyt [fr], the scientist who described the species.[2][4] Common name Griet bush frog has been coined for it.[3][4]


Adult males measure 20–22 mm (0.8–0.9 in)[2][5] and adult females, based on a single specimen, 22 mm (0.9 in) in snout–vent length.[5] The snout is rounded. The tympanum is indistinct, but the supratympanic fold is prominent. The fingers have well-developed discs and dermal fringes but no webbing. The toes have discs and rudimentary webbing. Skin of snout bears small horny spines, and there are horny ridges between eyes, arranged in triangle. Dorsal skin is covered with small horny spines.[2] The dorsum is light greyish brown, light brownish grey, or light-reddish brown. Dark or light red markings may be present.[5]

Habitat and conservation[edit]

Raorchestes griet has been observed in roadside vegetation near isolated forest patches or in plantations near forests at about 600–1,800 m (2,000–5,900 ft) above sea level.[5] It is nocturnal[5] and arboreal.[1] Males call from ground level up to two metres above the ground.[5]

This spcies can be locally abundant, but it is threatened by habitat fragmentation.[1]


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