Ras al Hadd

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Sunset in Ras al Hadd

Ras al Hadd is a village in Ash Sharqiyah district in Oman. It is considered the last point in the East of Oman and is located in the conjunction between Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. Ras al-Hadd is most notable for its beaches which are home to many wild turtles, who lay their eggs on the sand.

Residents are mainly fishermen from the Al Oraimi tribe of Oman, part of the Hanawi political steam.

Recent archaeological excavations by the British Museum, and by French and Italian teams, have been conducted at Ras al Hadd and the surrounding areas.

Coordinates: 22°31′01″N 59°46′01″E / 22.517°N 59.767°E / 22.517; 59.767