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The Ras Chakra (Wheel) during the Ras Mela in Madan Mohan Bari, Cooch Behar

The Raashchakra or The holy wheel is a structure built during the Rashmela that is held in honour of Lord Krishna or Madanmohan in Cooch Behar, India. From the time of the Maharajas, the Rashmela in Cooch Behar is made by a Muslim family every year. The fair is held just 100m from the Madanmohan Temple.

A symbol of secular mood in the district. This Raas-Chakra (a tall semi-cylindrical like structure made out of paper and bamboo/posts) symbolises brotherhood irrespective of the religious diversity. It is fact that the Raas-Chakra at the lawn of Madan Mohan temple is being beautifully decorated over generations by a Muslim family despite the Raas being a festival of the Hindus. This Raas-Chakra is beautifully decorated with paper floral designs and different pictures of Sri Krishna are pasted all over. It is about 30 feet tall and rotates on the pivotal mast. Devotees rotate this Raas-Chakra to attain bliss and happiness.

Raas Mela Festival[edit]

The Raas Mela is perhaps the grandest of all festivals which are celebrated all throughout the year in Cooch Behar. The fair that is held centered round this festival is conducted with such grandeur to hold enough significance. It attracts large crowds of people not only from all over the district of Cooch Behar, but also from neighboring districts including adjacent state of Assam. This Raas Mela has developed a tradition of its own. It holds a separate identity to the people of Cooch Behar for their uniqueness and indigenous clarity.