Rasluka Part II

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Rasluka Part II
EP by Nargaroth
Released 2002
Recorded June 2001
Genre Black metal
Length 24:37
Label No Colours Records
Nargaroth chronology
Black Metal Ist Krieg
(2001)Black Metal Ist Krieg2001
Rasluka Part II
Geliebte des Regens
(2003)Geliebte des Regens2003

Rasluka Part II is an EP by the black metal band Nargaroth. Together with Rasluka Part I, they form the "Rasluka" (Russian for "farewell") series.


Described by Kanwulf as "a selection of my poems I set to music", the Rasluka series presents his attempt to deal with the death of his unnamed friend (known only by the initials R.S.), as well as his thoughts about the life and death of AC/DC's singer, Bon Scott, referred to as "one of the last real rebels", on the album's booklet.
On his website, Kanwulf stated that the splitting of the album into two CDs was a bad decision. He has also expressed regret for the lack of his "talent for clear singing" which he believes that would have lent more emphasis to the songs.
On the album's booklet, the following dedication can be found:

As a parting are to be dedicated to R.S. (25.9.1976 - 9.9.1995) who hanged himself,

and to one of the last rebels, Ronald Belford Scott (9.7.1946 - 19/20.2.1980), who after a night of drinking suffocated on his own vomit.

In 2011, both Rasluka Part I and Part II were merged into one, becoming Rasluka: Unity.

Cover art[edit]

The cover of both albums in the Rasluka series shows Deirdre, a tragic heroine from the Irish mythology.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Kanwulf.

No. Title Translation
(by Kanwulf)
1. "Introduction - In Stillem Gedenken" In Loving Memory 01:16
2. "...und Ich Sah Sonn' Nimmer Heben" ...and I Saw Sun Never Rise Again 10:23
3. "Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus" Suicide Letter of Prometheus 07:06
4. "...vom Freien Willen Eines Schwarzen Einhorns" ...of Free Will of a Black Unicorn 05:52


Kanwulf: Strings, Flute, Vocals and Choir etc.
Charoon: Strings
Occulta Mors: Drums