Ratas, Ratones, Rateros

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Ratas, Ratones, Rateros
Ratas, Ratones, Rateros.jpg
Directed by Sebastián Cordero
Produced by Isabel Dávalos
Lisandra Rivera
Written by Sebastián Cordero
Starring Simón Brauer
Marco Bustos
Music by Hugo Idrovo
Sergio Sacoto-Arias
Cinematography Matthew Jensen
Edited by Sebastián Cordero
Mateo Herrera
Distributed by HBO Latino
Release date
Running time
107 minutes
Country Ecuador
Language Spanish

Ratas, Ratones, Rateros is a 1999 Ecuadorian film directed by Sebastián Cordero and starring Simón Brauer and Marco Bustos. It wasn't widely released until 2001 or 2002. It was nominated for Best Film of the Year in 2001 by the Spanish Goya Awards.

The plot follows the life of Salvador (Bustos), a young petty thief from Quito, after he is visited by his cousin Ángel (Valencia), an ex-convict with a bounty on his head.


  • Simón Brauer as J.C.
  • Marco Bustos as Salvador
  • Cristina Dávila as Mayra
  • Fabricio Lalama as Marlon
  • Irina López as Carolina
  • Antonio Negret as Martin
  • Carlos Valencia as Angel

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