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Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH
IndustryFinancial Services
Key people
Svetlana Grishankova (Managing Director)

Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH (RAEX Europe) is a credit rating agency established in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.[1] The agency is a business unit of International group RAEX operating in the European Union since 2013.[2] It is the first rating agency with Russian roots,[3] officially recognized by European Union Supervisory Authority.[4]

European Regulation[edit]

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) the EU's direct supervisor of credit rating agencies (CRAs), has registered Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH[5] as a CRA under Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 on credit rating agencies with effect from 1 December 2015.[6] The Agency received an official status of the External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI),[7] and the credit ratings issued by the agency can be used for regulatory purposes[8] on financial markets of the European Union.[9]


Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH assigns credit ratings to financial institutions, insurance undertakings, non-financial companies and public finance, as well as sovereign ratings for countries and regions.[10]

The first public non-sovereign rating was assigned by the agency to a Russian bank JSC CB "Assotsiatsiya".[11] In the beginning of 2017 Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH has issued credit ratings to Russian regions - Krasnodar region and Chuvash republic.[12] In May 2017 the agency has assigned rating of creditworthiness to Latvian insurance company Balcia Insurance SE.[13]

Sovereign ratings[edit]

On a half-year basis Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH conducts scheduled reviews of unsolicited sovereign ratings[14] and prepares reports on economic situation of countries. RAEX Europe issues sovereign government rating, reflecting the Agency's opinion on the government's ability to meet current and future financial obligations, and country credit environment rating, which is a measure of the systemic credit risks of the country in comparison with other countries of the world.[15] Among these countries are Russia, Kazakhstan,[16] Kyrgyzstan,[17] Armenia,[18] Belarus,[19] Germany, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, China and USA.

ESG ratings[edit]

Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH is a signatory of the ESG in Credit Rating Statement maintained by the UNPRI.[20]

An ESG rating represents the opinion of the Agency on the environmental, social and governance strengths and weaknesses of a rated entity. On the 5th of October 2017 RAEX Europe assigned the first ESG rating to Chuvash Region.[21]


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