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Raudsild (foreground) and Kroonuaia Bridge, summer 2006.

Raudsild (Iron Bridge) was a footbridge across Emajõgi in Tartu, Estonia, which was opened on 3 June 1993, and dismantled again in 2007. It connected the neighbourhood of Kesklinn (city centre) with Ülejõe.

The pedestrian bridge had a minor design flaw which made it gyrate noticeably at even minor impacts, like a normal-sized person jumping or running across it.

The bridge was taken apart in 2007 to be replaced by Vabaduse Bridge, a 3-lane traffic bridge opened in the summer of 2009. The bridge was planned to be eventually moved upstream and re-assembled for pedestrian traffic. As of 2016, no action has been taken in this regard.

The decision to dismantle Raudsild is sometimes considered being controversial[by whom?] because of the costs and worsening of the conditions for pedestrians in Tartu downtown while not substantially improving the traffic conditions.

Coordinates: 58°23′6.79″N 26°43′26.37″E / 58.3852194°N 26.7239917°E / 58.3852194; 26.7239917