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Raunchy Bill Justis.png
US single
Single by Bill Justis
from the album Cloud 9
B-side "The Midnite Man"
Released September 23, 1957 (1957-09-23)
Format 7" single
Genre Rock and roll
Length 2:20
Label Phillips International
Songwriter(s) Bill Justis, Sidney Manker
Producer(s) Sam Phillips
Bill Justis singles chronology
"Raunchy" / "The Midnite Man"
"Bop Train" / "String of Pearls - Cha Hot Cha"
"Raunchy"/"The Midnite Man"
"Bop Train"/"String of Pearls - Cha Hot Cha"
Audio sample

"Raunchy" is an instrumental by the American rock and roll artist Bill Justis, co-written by Sidney Manker and produced by Sam Phillips.[1] From the album Cloud 9, the song was released as a single in September 23, 1957 from the record label Phillips International Records, a sub-label of Sun Records.[2]


The song is one of firsts to use the twangy lead guitar effect, which was later developed by others and became a staple for the next few years.[3]

In 1958 a then fourteen-year-old George Harrison performed the song to John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the top deck of a bus in Liverpool, and was so note-perfect Lennon decided to let him into his band, the Quarrymen, which later became the Beatles, despite earlier reservations about Harrison's age.[4][5]

Other versions[edit]

In 1962, Justis recorded another rendition of the song, in stereo and with considerably different guitar, for his album Bill Justis Plays 12 More Big Instrumental Hits.[6] He recorded it once more in 1969, for his album Raunchy & Other Great Instrumentals.

Competing with Justis' release in 1957 were renditions of the song, by Billy Vaughn and Ernie Freeman.[7][8] Freeman's version was his biggest solo success, reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1957, #1 on the R&B singles chart and #11 on the Country singles chart in 1958.[9]

Justis' version charted in the UK in 1958 at #11 beating off competition there too from Ken Mackintosh whose version charted at #23 [10]

Soon after the hit, guitarist Duane Eddy and producer Lee Hazlewood took it upon themselves to develop that style to an ultimate degree. Far from a light lead guitar sound, they greatly enhanced the reverberation in their recordings. Eddy started with the big hit "Rebel Rouser" in 1958; he later made a recording of "Raunchy" for the RCA Records album Twangin' the Golden Hits in 1965.

The Jimmy Bowen Orchestra and Chorus released a version of the song as the B-side to their 1967 single "It's Such a Pretty World Today".[11]

"Raunchy" has been recorded by many groups, including the Ventures, Bill Black, Tom and Jerry (guitarists), Al Caiola, Ace Cannon, Billy Strange, Bill Smith Combo aka Tommy & the Tom Toms (Chess #1780), Santo & Johnny and the Incredible Bongo Band.[citation needed]

Years later, while working on the Beatles Anthology project in 1994, the three surviving Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, played this song during a jam session.[12]

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