Ravens in Winter

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Ravens in Winter
Ravens in Winter.jpg
First edition
AuthorBernd Heinrich
IllustratorBernd Heinrich
CountryUnited States
SubjectAnimal behaviour, Common raven, Scientific method
Published1989 (Summit Books)
Media typePrint (Hardback)

Ravens in Winter is a 1989 book by Bernd Heinrich. It is a study of the behaviour of ravens in the forests of Maine.


A review of Ravens in Winter by Publishers Weekly wrote "The story related here, which is constructed from his [Heinrich's] field notes, moves slowly; we learn a good deal about scientific methods and a lot about patience. Overall, however, the book is suspenseful and exciting."[1] A New Scientist review summarised the book concluding "It also contains Heinrich's own - and excellent - drawings of the various raven postures, a comprehensive review of the literature, beginning with the Bible, and even a section of the ravens of the Tower of London."[2]

It was an Evergreen Audubon & Nature Center Book of the Month.[3]

Ravens in Winter has also been reviewed by AudioFile,[4] Scientific American,[5] The Condor,[6] The Sewanee Review,[7] and Library Journal.[8]


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