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Raw Bud is a project made up of 3 former members of the reggae, rap, punk and metal band Dub War (Raw Bud spelled backwards) and Skindred, Their only release to date is on the Bristol-based Runnin Riot label, Rise Up". An album with a working title of Urban Metal was due for release around October 2005, but never appeared.




Year Single
2005 Rise Up (The Punk Rock Anti-Mix)

Rise Up[edit]

Rise Up is an anti-mix (opposite of a remix) of one of Roni Size's recent songs. At first it was only available as a bootleg on very limited 7", but has such had an official release on CD / 7" & 12".

Featuring on the track is well known UK reggae artist Sweetie Irie. He also featured with the rest of the band in the promotional music video.


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