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Rawlplug Ltd. is a British engineering company. It is named after Rawlplug, a tradename it owns, as a name for wall plugs. The rawlplug product was invented by John Joseph Rawlings in 1911.

RAWLPLUGS, Handyman Amateur Mechanics outfit, Made in Great Britain, London, S.W.7.

Rawlplug history dates to Rawlings Brothers founded in 1887. Later names, showing the company's history, included Rawlings Brothers (Company) Ltd. (around 1910), the Rawlplug Company Ltd. (branch named so in 1913). In 2001 the BPB Group (originally British Plaster Board) acquired Rawlplug and merged it with its Artex-Bluehawk decorative products operation, forming Artex-Rawlplug. Rawlplug was divested in 2005 by holding company BPB. Currently Koelner group, based in Wrocław, Poland, Rawlplug has subsidiaries in Scandinavia, Ireland, France & UAE.

In July 2013, owner Koelner SA renamed itself Rawlplug SA.

In December 2000, the company employed over 250 people and had sales of £31 million. It currently has 48 employees.

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