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Ray Kruse Iles is the CEO and a founding director of MAP Diagnostics; a medical diagnostics company developing tests women's health and fetal wellbeing. He left academia in 2012. His last University appointment was as the Deputy Dean for Research and Income Generation of the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Anglia Ruskin University. Up to October 2011 he was Associate Dean for Research in the School of Health & Social Sciences at Middlesex University, and also the Professor of Biomedical Science.[1] He led the new Biomedical Research group at Middlesex University in 2004, and was formerly head of the Williamson Laboratory for Molecular Oncology research at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London.[2]

Formerly a regular contributor to Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine,[3] in 2012, with Suzanne Docherty, he published a new textbook in Biomedical Science subtitled Essential Laboratory Medicine.[4]


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