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Ray Monette is an American musician.

He started his career as a songwriter and musician in Detroit. In 1967 with a band called The Abstract Reality, a 45 rpm single "Love Burns Like A Fire Inside" was released.[1][2] With Mike Campbell, Bob 'Babbitt' Kreinar and Andrew Smith he formed Scorpion. His name appears on Scorpion and Meat Loaf's debut album Stoney & Meatloaf (1971). For this recording, he cowrote four songs.[3][4] In that same year, he played tenor guitar on "Evolution" by Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar Band,[5] and played a guitar solo on Funkadelic's "I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing". He was a guitarist and singer of the Rare Earth from 1971 until 2004 (with a break around 1977).[6]

In 2010 he played on the Phil Collins album Going Back.[7]


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