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For the country music artist, see Ray Vega (singer).

Ray "The Don" Vega (born August 16, 1969 in Brooklyn, New York) is a producer of adult entertainment in the United States. Known for colorful advertisements depicting a fictional mob family of which Mr. Vega was Godfather reminiscent of the hit HBO show The Sopranos, Mr. Vega became an overnight success in the Adult Industry.


Ray was the oldest of several children born to an underprivileged family. He remained relatively unknown until around 2004 the creation of an Adult search engine "Ask jade", warranted the creation of Jade Entertainment Group,Inc., a privately held company which would later become a publicly traded company under the name 110 Media Group on the Nasdaq OTC Market with the stock symbol : ONTN, launching his adult entertainment career. It was only after the creation of a marketing and production company known as MobBucks that Mr. Vega became a major name in the porn industry. After a bit of a break from the adult scene, Mr. Vega returned a year later as a consultant for Adult entertainment content producer AMAcontent.

Re-emerging as an ordained minister and member of the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California, the now Reverend Ray Vega is a professional business consultant to the adult industry. Ray Vega or Reverend Ray as he now calls himself, regularly makes colorful posts to the popular adult industry message board, "GFY".


Mr. Vega mostly known as the original founder and "Godfather" of marketing and production company MobBucks has been the CEO of Jade Entertainment Group, 110 Media Group, Web1000, and Redfire Video.


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