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Raymond St. Arnaud, "Flower 7412", 2009, inkjet mounted to acrylic[1]
Raymond St. Arnaud, "Hibiscus #1", 2009, inkjet mounted to acrylic[2]
Raymond St. Arnaud, "Pre-Millennium Landscape #43", 2010, inkjet mounted to acrylic[3]
Raymond St. Arnaud, "Pre-Millennium Landscape #62", 2010, inkjet mounted to acrylic[4]

Raymond Henry St. Arnaud was born on June 24, 1942 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is a Canadian photographer who centres his photography on a series of personal obsessions often using close-ups with extreme lighting as his preferred technique.

Early life[edit]

Raymond St. Arnaud grew up in Northern Alberta and became interested in photography during high school. However, his family did not have the resources to allow him to pursue a hobby or career in the field thus cutting short his early ambition.

Since photography always remained an interest of St. Arnaud's, he took a job at his local National Film Board Office. During his time there, he took films home by the caseload and watched them – going through the entire library in just a year and intensifying his obsession with photography. He subsequently enrolled in a two-year program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He also holds a BA with a Fine Arts Major, from the University of Alberta.


St. Arnaud has never had the traditional career of a working photographer – during most of his life, art, painting and photography have been more of a hobby or preoccupation. While he has had occasional paying photography jobs, he has almost always earned an income independently of photography.

He would often take on jobs for a few months at a time, then leave and use the money he had earned to pursue his next photography project. At one point in his life, he left his job to take a series of landscape photos – fifteen of which ended up in Canada's National Gallery.[5]

When he moved to [Victoria, British Columbia], he started working for Camosun College[6] on a temporary basis and stayed for 20 years.

Raymond St. Arnaud's work has been included in 150 exhibitions since 1969 and he has had 15 solo exhibitions. In December 2010, he was included in the PrintedArt collection[7] and has since then been one of its most prolific artists.

Photographic style[edit]

Raymond St. Arnaud's recent work is decidedly deviating from more purist photography and he is freely using digital tools to sharpen and enhance his imagery. His elaborate work on flower close-ups with intense lighting has brought him international recognition as both a graphic artist and photographer. His series "Reflections: Pre-Millennium Landscapes" focuses on antique cars and reflections seen by the camera on close-ups of the polished metal. He is part of a movement that is categorized as "Visual Artists using Photography".

In choosing a subject, Raymond St. Arnaud tends to focus on a single idea and then fully immerse himself in it for an extended period of time. He has an elaborate body of work for each subject he has pursued.

Exhibitions and publications[edit]

Raymond St. Arnaud has published 14 books and has shown his work at over 150 exhibitions. A short list:

Notable Solo Exhibitions[edit]

  • Outside the Box solo exhibitions in Reno, NV and Dublin, OH[8]
  • Helen Smith Gallery in Auburn Washington[9]
  • Southern Light Gallery in Amarillo[10]
  • 3-day sale on GILT.com[11]

Group Exhibitions[edit]

  • SigGraph 2003[12]
  • metaLphor at Art Institute of California, San Diego. Two simultaneous exhibitions from September 1 to October 1, 2011[13]
  • Theater of the Mind 2002[14]
  • Eye Appeal[15]
  • Homage[16]
  • Beecher Center Digital Art Competition 2001[17]
  • Art Incognito[18]
  • ASCI Digital 2002[19]

Online Exhibitions[edit]

  • Saatchi Gallery[20]
  • Collection X[21]
  • Local Artists[22]
  • Adobe Photographer Directory[23]
  • 1998 International Art Contest[24]
  • Artoteque[25]
  • 2Modern[26]
  • Tom R Chambers[27]


  • Secrets from the museums of Paris
  • Random Walks
  • Sortie ... the Running Man
  • 27 after 25
  • As Seen On TV
  • Outside the Box
  • Reflections: The Pre-Millennium Landscapes
  • Visit to a Surrey Townhouse
  • The Forced March
  • The Dysfunctional Photographer
  • The Amdahl Graphics
  • Solo Artist's First Flight
  • Island Illustrators
  • Frank Gurney ... engraver
  • Evenlyn de R. McMann: Biographical Index of Artists in Canada (University of Toronto)[28]

Other Publications[edit]

  • The Island Illustrator Society...25th anniversary...68 studio visits[29]
  • Digital Art Guild[30]
  • Opus Framing & Art[31]
  • New Trail (University of Alberta)[32]
  • Will the Real Alberta Please Stand Up (in New Trail)[33]


  • Island Illustrator Society[34]
  • Celeste Prize Network[35]


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