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The word razzia was borrowed via French from Algerian Arabic ghaziya غزية "raiding", and can mean

  • Ghazw, referring to wars associated with the expansion of Muslim territory
  • Large scale police raids (especially in a negative context) or the rounding up of large numbers of people
  • Certain military raids, such as the raiding tactics applied by French forces in Algeria in the 19th century
  • Razzia (film), an East German movie from 1947
  • Razzia Records, independent record label based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Razzia (artist), French poster artist
  • Razzia!, a mafia-themed release of the board game Ra
  • Razzia, a board game by Stefan Dorra, published by Ravensburger
  • A name used by the Dutch and Germans during WWII for intense localized raids by German troops looking for Jews or resistance fighters. During such actions a street or a block of houses would be completely encircled and each house, person and vehicle would be searched by groups of the Wehrmacht and/or SS while other troops kept the perimeter secure to prevent escapees, see Roundup (history).