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Razzia (English: /ˈræziə/) was borrowed via French and Italian (IPA: [ʁazja]) from Algerian Arabic: غزيةghaziya (IPA: [ʁazɪja]) "raiding". It may refer to:

  • A slave raid conducted by Barbary pirates
  • Ghazw, referring to wars associated with the expansion of Muslim territory
  • Police raids rounding up many people
    • Name used in World War II Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy for a Nazi roundup, such as the Roman razzia
  • Certain military raids, such as the raiding tactics applied by French forces in Algeria in the 19th century
  • Razzia, also known as Raid, an East German film from 1947
  • Razzia (2017 film), a 2017 Moroccan film
  • Razzia Records, independent record label based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Razzia (artist) (born 1950), French poster artist
  • "Razzia" (song), a 1982 song by Austrian singer Rainhard Fendrich
  • Razzia!, a mafia-themed release of the board game Ra
  • Razzia, a board game by Stefan Dorra, published by Ravensburger