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EP by There for Tomorrow
Released October 19, 2010[1]
Genre Alternative rock
Pop punk
Length 28:50
Label Hopeless Records
There for Tomorrow chronology
A Little Faster
Re:Creations (EP)

Re:Creations is the third EP from the alternative rock band There for Tomorrow. It was released through Hopeless Records on October 19, 2010. Re:Creations includes remixes done by There for Tomorrow as well remixes by DJ's Twerkshop and DallasK.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by There for Tomorrow

No. Title Length
1. "Small World"   4:56
2. "RE: Burn The Night Away (Dubstep Remix)"   4:02
3. "RE: Deathbed (Electro-hop Remix)"   3:41
4. "Soul Full Solace (Interlude)"   2:09
5. "RE:Stories"   4:51
6. "Small World (DallasK Remix)"   4:56
7. "The World Calling (Twerkshop Remix)"   4:15
Total length:


  • Maika Maile
  • Christian Climer
  • Jay Enriquez
  • Christopher Kamrada


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