Ready or Not (novel)

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Ready Or Not
Author Meg Cabot
Country United States
Language English
Series All-American Girl series
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 256 pp (first edition, hardback)
ISBN 978-0-06-072450-4 (first edition, hardback)
OCLC 57344142
LC Class PZ7.C11165 Re 2005
Preceded by All-American Girl

Ready or Not is the sequel to the novel All-American Girl. Both were written by Meg Cabot, who is also the author of The Princess Diaries. The book takes place about one year after the events of All-American Girl.

Plot Description[edit]

Samantha Madison is still teen ambassador to the United Nations and happily dating the President's son, David. She is still a semi-celebrity for saving the President's life, but doesn't like the attention she gets for it. As a way to go back to being unnoticed, Sam dyes her naturally red hair to jet black at the beginning of the novel. She and David also start to take a life-drawing class together. But she didn't realize that it was about sketching nude models.

When David invites her to Camp David to spend Thanksgiving, Sam believes that he wants to have sex. Making her unsure of whether she's ready for that step in their relationship. She consults her older sister Lucy. Who ends up being extremely helpful by giving her sex advice, and buying Sam contraceptives.

Meanwhile, The President recently announced his "Return to Family" campaign. Which includes plans to limit access to abortion and birth control. Samantha is faced with a huge dilemma when she accidentally comes off as condemning the "Return to Family" policy on an MTV special by accidentally implying that she and David have had sex.

Sam receives mostly negative backlash for her remarks, but is supported by her friends and family for being honest. When she goes to Camp David during Thanksgiving, she waits in her room all night for David to come, but he never does. Feeling furious, she sneaks into David's room and berates him for his mixed-messages over them having sex. David replies that he didn't mean to imply that anything was going to happen between them. Making Sam comes to understand that she made up the whole dilemma in her head, but also realizes that she does want to have sex because she loves David.

When Sam comes home, She tells Lucy about her and David's first time, and discovers that Lucy is actually still a virgin. Lucy explains that she wants to find someone she truly loves before taking that big step. Lucy believes that her tutor Harold is The One for her, like David is for Sam.

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