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Origin Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Genres Death metal
Years active 1998–2002
Labels Hammerheart
Associated acts Abhorrence, Horned God, Mental Horror, The Ordher
Past members Fabiano Penna Corrêa
Ronaldo Lima
Sandro Moreira
Lohy Fabiano
Marcello Marzari

Rebaelliun was a Brazilian death metal band that was founded in 1998. Musically they are similar to their country mates Krisiun. After the release of their promo tape, the band was contracted by the Dutch label Hammerheart Records, who released their debut album Burn the Promised Land in 1999. The release was followed by a European tour. The band recorded an EP for Bringer of War, featuring a Morbid Angel cover. Shortly thereafter a second album was released Annihilation which was followed by a second European tour. Various problems eventually caused the band to dissolve.

Fabiano Penna Corrêa (guitars) was briefly involved with Brazilian death/black metal combo Horned God, with whom he released an album on French label Listenable Records. A few years later he formed The Ordher with Nephasth members Fabio Lentino and Mauricio Weimar, with whom he will release their debut "Weaponize" on October 23, 2007 through death metal specialist label Unique Leader Records. Poland's Empire Records released the album during late March 2008 through license in Poland.

Sandro Moreira (drums) joined long-standing Brazilian death metallers Mental Horror, who formed in Porto Alegre in 1993. Before he joined the band they released "Proclaiming Vengeance" in 2001 and "Abyss Of Hypocrisy" in 2004 through Mutilation Records (Brazil) and Displeased Records (Europe). In 2007 the band released its third and most successful album "Blemished Redemption" through Mutilation Records (Brazil) for which Germany's Animate Records did the vinyl release and Poland's Empire Records released the album during mid-August 2007 through license in Poland.

Marcello Marzari (vocals/bass) worked for tattoo/piercing company Renegade Studio. It is unclear whether he has continued with this occupation after leaving Rebaelliun prior to their 2001 album "Annihilation". Marzari has since joined Brazilian death metallers Abhorrence, who are signed to French label Listenable Records. Little has been heard of Lohy Fabiano (bass/vocals on "Annihilation") and guitarist Ronaldo Lima.


  • Marcello Marzari - bass, vocals
  • Ronaldo Lima - guitars
  • Fabiano Penna Corrêa - guitars
  • Sandro Moreira - drums
  • Lohy Fabiano - bass, vocals


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