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Rebar detailing is the discipline of preparing 'shop/placing' drawings or shop drawings of steel reinforcement for construction.

Architect/Engineers(A/E) prepare 'Design Drawings' that develop required strengths by applying rebar size, spacing, location, and lap of steel.

By contrast, 'Shop/Placing Drawings' apply the intent of the 'Design drawings' for the ironworker. They call out the quantity, description, placement, bending shapes with dimensions and laps of the reinforcing steel. Various applications are used to produce bar bending schedules which can be directly fed into CNC machines that cuts and bends the rebar to the desired shapes.

The fabrication of the bars are scheduled and the placing/fixing sequence indicated, adding the elements required to support those bars during construction.

'Shop/Placing Drawings' are submitted to the A/E for review of compliance with design drawings before construction can proceed. These drawings must be detailed using the ACI & CRSI Specifications (United States), ACI & RSIC Specifications (Canada).

Rebar detailing is usually assigned to Rebar Fabricators in-house teams, and rebar detailing companies. The great majority of rebar detailing companies are stationed in The Middle East and India. However there are a few Rebar Detailers in the United States, but not many due to the low cost of having the detailing done overseas. The wages for a Rebar Detailer in the US and Canada is from $30,000 to $90,000 per year but the large fabricators will send it overseas where it will only cost them between $3,000 and $7,000 per year because of the difference in the money value.[citation needed]