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Rebecca Lynne Malamud, also known as Rebecca Pranger, Rebecca Fowler, and Rebecca Hargrave,[1] is an American photographer and website designer.[2] She creates new work at her Point B Studio in Port Orford, Oregon.[3][4]

She attended Nashville State Technical Institute and Florida School of the Arts in the 1980s.[5] In 1993, she co-founded her own design and web development firm called enviro|media.[6] In 1996, she designed the website Internet 1996 World Exposition with her husband Carl Malamud, working remotely from her office in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a team of artists, writers, programmers and photographers around the globe. In 1998, she was creative director of Invisible Worlds, where she received four NewMedia INVISION awards. In 2000, she joined the Internet Multicasting Service.[citation needed] In 2006, she founded the Rural Design Collective.[citation needed]

As of 2005, Malamud resides in Sixes, Oregon.[citation needed]


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