Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve

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Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve
Western Australia
Goose Island & Pink Lake Middle Island Recherche Archipelago NR IV-2011.JPG
Goose Island, Lake Hillier Middle Island and Miles Island (April 2011)
Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve is located in Western Australia
Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve
Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve
Nearest town or cityEsperance
Coordinates34°6′1.7994″S 123°11′16.0794″E / 34.100499833°S 123.187799833°E / -34.100499833; 123.187799833Coordinates: 34°6′1.7994″S 123°11′16.0794″E / 34.100499833°S 123.187799833°E / -34.100499833; 123.187799833
Established21 May 1948[1]
Area71.45 km2 (27.6 sq mi)[1]
Visitation"low" (in 2012)[2]
Managing authoritiesDepartment of Parks and Wildlife
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Western Australia

Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve is a protected area located in the Recherche Archipelago off the south coast of Western Australia. It consists of at least 104 islands and at least 1,200 obstacles to shipping (reefs, islets and rocks) and covers an area of sea extending 230 kilometres (140 miles) from east to west and up to a distance of 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the coast of the Australian continent. As of 2012, visitor access is limited to Middle Island within the nature reserve and is only available via a licensed tour operator. The nature reserve is classified as an IUCN Category Ia protected area.[1][2]

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