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Type of site
Recipe Search Engine
Owner Gourmet Ads
Created by Andy Theimer,
Bill Brennan
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched September 2008; 8 years ago (2008-09)[1]
Current status Active

RecipeBridge is a vertical search engine for recipes, founded by Milwaukee based entrepreneurs Andy Theimer and Bill Brennan. It was established in December 2007[2] and a beta version was launched in 2008 which makes it the oldest dedicated recipe search engine on the web.

The current version was launched in April, 2009. As of July 2011, it searches through 350 different recipe sites and blogs with over 1.7 million recipes.

RecipeBridge allows users to search and filter results by keyword, cuisine, ingredient, meal, or occasion.[3] The results page provides users with the brief description of the recipes and a number of ingredients needed.[4] Then the user can either go to the original recipe page or further narrow the results by adding other ingredients.[5]

In July 2011 RecipeBridge has been acquired by the global food advertising network Gourmet Ads with a goal "to build the largest recipe search engine, combining recipe sites, blogs, food brands and supermarkets into one destination".[6]


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