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Recon Optical, Inc.
Founded1922 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
HeadquartersBarrington, Illinois, USA, until closed
Productsairborne cameras, ground stations, stabilization systems

Recon Optical (Recon/Optical, Inc. or ROI) was a privately held defense contractor providing electro-optical and stabilization products.


Founded in 1922 by Eugene W. Fuller as Chicago Aerial Survey Company; it was later known as Chicago Aerial Industries or CAI, before changing to Recon/Optical. Originally based in Chicago, by 1960 it had moved to Barrington, Illinois, when it was visited by presidential candidate John F. Kennedy.

For many years a subsidiary of Bourns, Inc., Recon/Optical was purchased by Goodrich Corporation in 2008, becoming part of Goodrich ISR Systems. Recon Optical FPT was then purchased by Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS Defense) in 2009[1] and the Illinois office was closed in 2012.


With its focus initially on airborne cameras (first film, then digital), Recon/Optical provided end-to-end intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, Force Protection Technology (FPT), and optical components for military and government use. It produced optic systems in the infra-red including Forward looking infrared (FLIR), and visible imaging (with haze reduction technology); in both frame and line scanning cameras. Recon/Optical also provided ground-stations to view and analyze the images being gathered by the aircraft. Using its gimbal technology for aiming and stabilizing cameras, Recon/Optical then moved into providing stabilization technology for remotely operated weapon systems.[2]


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