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Röda Korsets Högskola (or Red Cross University College) is a Swedish university college (högskola) operated by The Red Cross Home Foundation. It is not to be confused with The Red Cross of Sweden. In addition to a degree in nursing, the institution also offers university courses related to the subject of nursing.

The Red Cross Home Foundation (Stiftelsen Rödakorshemmet) was formed in 1925 to provide training for nurses under the auspices of the Red Cross in Sweden, and has drawn inspiration from the principals and values of the red cross. The Red Cross University College of Nursing (former Red Cross School of Nursing) is situated adjacent to The Royal Institute of Technology's main Campus in Stockholm.

The College building consists of the former south wing of the Red Cross Hospital, which was constructed in 1927, and which today houses the College Administration. In 2004 an adjoining building was constructed which houses the lecture halls, seminar rooms, a café and the College Library.


The Red Cross University College of Nursing offers a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


The range of single-subject courses which are offered varies from term to term. Examples of recurring courses are:

  • Disaster medicine in a national and international perspective
  • Nursing in Europe
  • Pain, nursing and treatment

In addition, courses are held on a commission basis on behalf of the Stockholm County Council, the National Board of Health and Welfare and hospitals.

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