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For the song by Canadian band Walk Off the Earth, see Red Hands (song).

Red hands, also known as hot hands, slapsies, slap jack, red tomato (Northern Britain), slaps, or simply the hand-slap game, is a children's game which can be played by two players.

One player (the slappee) places his hands palm down, hovering above the other player's (slapper) hands. The other player hovers his hands below the first, palms up. The two players' hands should be barely touching each other, and all the hands should be around mid-torso height.

The slapper is on offense, and attempts to bring his hands over to slap the backsides of his opponent's hands. This must be done with sufficient speed, because the slappee's goal is to pull his hand away, and out of the area where the hands overlap, to avoid the slap. If the slapper misses the hands of the slappee during the slap, then the roles switch. However, the slappee cannot flinch too much.


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