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The Red Randall series was a 1940s, boys war adventure series by R. Sidney Bowen. Like the Dave Dawson War Adventure Series the series pertained to World War II specifically the Pacific Theatre of the war. The main character, Red Randall serves throughout the book series as a military aviator. The books contain frequent deviation from history, such as a Fifth Column Japanese base on the Hawaiian Islands, during the air raid on Pearl Harbor.

Red Randall Series[edit]

Year Title
1944 Red Randall at Pearl Harbor
1944 Red Randall on Active Duty
1944 Red Randall over Tokyo
1944 Red Randall at Midway
1944 Red Randall on New Guinea
1945 Red Randall in the Aleutians
1945 Red Randall in Burma
1946 Red Randall's One-Man War

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