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The Red Warriors are a Japanese rock band founded in 1985.[1] The band played themselves in the 1988 film Tokyo Pop, with lead singer Tadokoro playing the love interest of the American girl in Japan.[2][3][4]


  • Lesson 1 1986
  • Casino Drive 1987
  • King's 1988
  • King's Rock'n'Roll Show - Live at the Seibu Stadium 1988
  • Swingin' Daze 1989
  • Red Song 1989
  • Red's Box 1992
  • The World of the Red Warriors 1996
  • Fire Drops 1997
  • Live Dogs 2000
  • Jupiter Tribus 2000
  • Re:Works 2001
  • Live Lession 21 2007


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  2. ^ Martin Charles Strong, Brendon Griffin Lights, camera, sound tracks 2008 Page 372 1847670032 - MCS TOKYO POP 1988 (Japan/US 99m) Kuzui Enterprises / Lorimar Films (R) Film ... There, she embarks on a romance with the leader of her friend's all-male band (the Red Warriors), but with language difficulties, etc., she finds it a little hard ...
  3. ^ California 1988- Volume 13 - Page 135 So, too, is Tokyo Pop, a nice little film about an American in Japan. ... Although the charismatic Tadokoro is a real rock musician (he leads the popular Japanese band Red Warriors), he, too, is improbably cute and well scrubbed — like ..."
  4. ^ Eye-ai: A Magazine on Japanese Culture and Entertainment 1992 Shak6: Maybe The Checkers [another band on the Pony Canyon label] or someone else, but not us. [Laughs.] Kenneth: By now ... The Red Warriors was limited as a band because we basically couldn't go outside Japan. With Casino Drive ...