Red factor canary

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A female red factor canary

The red factor canary[1] is a popular variety of canary. It is named after its colourful plumage, and is a 'color canary', bred for the novelty of its color rather than for song. It is kept by those who want a pet as well as those who enjoy showing.

It is an active bird, hardy and very easy to keep; however it is not easy to breed.

First bred in the 1920s, it is the only colour canary that has an element of red as part of its plumage. It was developed as a cross between another type of finch, the now endangered Venezuelan red siskin (Spinus cucullata), and a yellow domestic canary (Serinus canaria).[2]

A well built bird, the red factor canary is about 5 12 inches (14 cm) in length. These canaries are bred for showing so therefore many versions of this canary exist today. They are divided into Melanins and the Lipochromes classes. These are further divided into frosts (soft feather) or non-frosts (hard feather), which affects how bright their color appears.

Red factor canaries are usually available at most pet stores, and can also be found through bird shows, bird clubs, breeders, and on the internet.

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