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Sally Line ship in Ramsgate harbour
Model of the MS Estonia (1980-1990: MS Viking Sally)

Rederi Ab Sally was a Finnish shipping company founded in the 1937 by Algot Johansson.[1] Originally a tanker operator, Sally became a dominant member of the Viking Line shipping consortium in the 1970s. The company met bad times in the 1980s and was bought by its rivals Effoa and Johnson Line (owners of Silja Line) in 1987. In 1990 the operations of Sally, Effoa and Johnson Line were merged into EffJohn and Rederi Ab Sally ceased to exist as an independent company.


During its history Rederi Ab Sally was involved in operating tankers, ferries, cruiseferries and cruise ships. It fully or partially owned numerous subsidiaries, including:

Rederi Ab Sally was also a partner in the Viking Line consortium from its founding in 1966 until 1987, when Sally was bought by the owners of Viking Line's main rivals Silja Line, and the other Viking Line partners Rederi AB Slite and SF Line forced Sally to withdraw from the consortium.


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