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Redwood Building
Relief sculpture by Edward Bainbridge Copnall on the Redwood Building

The Redwood Building is a building part of Cardiff University, situated in the Cathays Park area of Cardiff, Wales.

Opened in 1960, it was named in 1979 after the Redwood family of Orchard House, Boverton, near Llantwit Major, namely Theophilus Redwood and his son Sir Boverton Redwood as well as Theophilus's medical brother Lewis Redwood and his son Thomas Redwood (after whom the former Redwood Hospital of Rhymney was named). Theophilus Redwood Theophilus Redwood, was a founding father of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain among connections with the Chemical Society and as founder president of the Society of Public Analysts, while his son Sir Boverton Redwood was a distinguished petroleum chemist - sometime president of the Society of Chemical Industry. [The 1979 naming by UWIST Council followed a suggestion by Dr J D R Thomas in a letter to UWIST Secretary and Registrar on 18 December 1978 that the building be named "Redwood Building" coupled with the names of Theophilus Redwood and of his son Sir Thomas Boverton Redwood Bart. to whom were later added the other family names of Lewis and Thomas Redwood (mentioned in the first two paragraphs of 'External links' - "Theophilus Redwood and the Redwood Building"). Dr J D R Thomas of UWIST Chemistry Department conducted most of his research in the Redwood Building - including that for his 1972 DSc degree, the first for a member of UWIST.] Above the entrance a large relief sculpture shows an elderly toga-clad person, surrounded by books and a globe, reaching out protectively over a youthful scientist and a nurse. The building was part of the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST), which in 1988 merged into the University of Wales College Cardiff.

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